WORKERS' FIGHT brings together the members of the ICU (Internationalist Communist Union) who are active in Britain.

The Internationalist Communist Union is a current which bases itself on the heritage left by Marx and Engels, Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin and Trotsky, through the ideas they fought for. We believe that the capitalist organisation of human society belongs to its past, not to its future. We believe that the capitalist society - which is based on private property, the market, competition and profit - will have to be replaced, on a worldwide scale, with a society based on the collective ownership of natural resources and means of production and on a democratically planned economy, capable of providing to each and everyone an equal access to all material and cultural resources and assets.

We base ourselves on the heritage of the 1917 Russian revolution, which we consider as the first and, so far, the only case of a revolution in which the proletariat took over state power for a significant length of time, in an attempt to implement a collectivist transformation of society, before being deprived of political power by the dictatorship of a usurping bureaucracy.

We consider that communist ideas must be reintroduced into the working class, which is the only force capable of turning these ideas into an instrument of social transformation.

This is why our activity in this country includes, in particular, the publication of fortnightly bulletins in large workplaces. In addition we produce a regular series of pamphlets - the Internationalist Communist Forum series - on a broad range of topics and a bimonthly journal, Class Struggle.

By following the link provided below, you will have access to an archive of our publications on the multilingual site of the ICU.